Salvatore Ferragamo Original Sunglasses.


Order a quality Salvatore Ferragamo Original Sunglasses. in Lagos. This unisex Sunglasses is long-lasting and classy.

Lagos delivery – within 24 hours

Outside Lagos – 5 – 7 days

Quality Salvatore Ferragamo Original Sunglasses. in available. This Sunglasses is long-lasting. We also deal in wristwatches, here is a Hublot Wristwatch for you.

This classic  fashionable Sunglasses will compliment your dressing to give you the confidence you deserve as a classy and cool person.

This Salvatore Ferragamo Original Sunglasses. is crafted to fit your personal style, it comes with astounding designs that Completes your look.

This Glasses reflects your class and shines as you move gracefully all day. Nothing beats the timeless appeal of BlackWatch.NG Glasses and Wristwatches offering a distinct look that gets you attention. Jazz up your outfits and add sophistication to your look with this exquisite glasses that has been specially designed for you.

– Case Material:- Plastic/Leather
– Lens Material: Glass
– Main Material -Metal


Fashionable Sunglasses
Long lasting
Comes in a box


Silver with blue lens, Gold with white lens, Gold with black lens, Gold with Blue lens


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